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Triggers, Reactions & Freedom


What do you do when someone offends you……when you feel triggered?

“The people who trigger us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being.” – Teal Swan

What if we allowed ourselves to receive the messages and heal our minds & bodies?

I recently posted about a situation that triggered me.

There is more juicy info in our reactions than in any of the details of a situation.

How we respond to others is simply a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

If we’re feeling defensive, it’s less about who or what is attacking us and more about what am I believing about myself that is making me feel triggered?

In any encounter, there’s a huge opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to shine Light on any insecurity or fear that is keeping us limited.

Recently I was triggered by something someone said to me & at first I found myself instantly judging them. Thinking ‘whaaat is ‘their’ problem?’

But something quietly reminded me to go deeper…… to find the gift. So instead of analyzing the details of what they said & how offensive they came across, I became curious.

Curious as to why I was reacting the way I was. Curious not to their action but my reaction.

A hint of relief came over me when I let them off the hook & referred the focus onto me. It’s as if I received my power back instead of feeling victimized. My curiosity led me to a valuable lesson & unveiling. It was a subtle shift but soooo powerful.


When I became aware of the sensitivity in my reaction & asked myself ‘What do I think this person is saying about me is true?’ Bingo!!!

I caught a lie in its tracks! I was experiencing the reflection of an insecure belief that I was less than.

The passive aggressive comment pissed me off because I was relating with the negative idea that this person was suggesting.

The good news is I was aware of my reaction & I stayed more curious than defensive. Opening myself up to the gem of self realization & the power to shift a belief.

I jumped on the opportunity to reset my illusion of limitation & choose the belief that empowers me.

I am enough! I am more than enough! I am talented, unique & valuable!

Journaling Prompt

1. Ask ‘What am I believing about myself that is causing discomfort?’

2. Instead flip it around to what you want to believe about yourself.

3.  Claim the new belief & put it into action! Affirm what you want to feel and write it down. (I am safe. I am smart. I am valuable.)

4.  Now, recall all the ways in which you feel this new belief today!

Give it a try! Share what works for you in the comments below.






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