How I create solutions, opportunities and more joy….


Have you ever been in a situation that you knew was right but, you couldn’t exactly explain why?  Or have you ever received a call from someone right after you were thinking about them? 

I believe this is your Intuition guiding you. One of the early spiritual teachers and metaphysical writers, Florence Scovel Shinn, explained, ‘Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain but simply points the way.’  

Other’s have described Intuition as an energy field or part of us that transcends our intellect. It is something that you connect with not something that you think about. It is an INNER KNOWING.

Researchers have determined that it does not come from our left hemisphere, the logical side of our brain but, from our right hemisphere, the more creative, innovative side.

Osho believed that,’Intellect is the functioning of the head, Instinct is functioning of the body, Intuition is the functioning of your heart. and behind all of those is YOU….the witness.

How and why is this all important to you?

If you are feeling stuck or dealing with a challenging situation, you can access your Intuition to help guide you towards the answers and ultimate relief you are seeking.

When we become anxious, worried & feel out of control, we cause tension and dis-ease in our the body.

This stressed out mind and body generates an overall feeling of resistance and a low vibrational energy that may seem like you are lacking something and feel like your life is a struggle. 

To STOP the madness, it can be greatly helpful to tap into your Intuition.

Our intuition is there to lead us to harmony in the mind & body. As you tap into your intuition, you will FEEL calm & more clear.

Here are a few steps that can help you tap into your Intuition.

1. Be present.

2. Sit quietly and breathe deeply.

3. Listen to your thoughts but, don’t get caught up in the stories. Return to the breath.

4. Learn the difference in the ‘gut feeling’ and the voice of the ‘inner critic’. Hint: The gut feeling usually feels good and the inner critic usually feels bad.

5. Take a walk, get into nature and feel the openness and magic all around you.

6. Increase your creativity, practicing with your right brain through art, yoga, meditation or other creative outlets that you enjoy.

Trust that by feeling more relaxed and more open to possibility, you have connected with your inner guide and raised your vibration allowing YOU to attract more SOLUTIONS, OPPORTUNITIES and an ABUNDANCE OF JOY into your life.

Much love & harmony,


What I eat to balance….


Some of you have asked me what foods to eat in order to detox your body, or what foods can help heal your body.  Like most of us, I enjoy eating chocolate, pizza, hamburgers (no, i am not 100% vegan), and many other fabulously guilty cuisines. However, because I am aware of the fact that they don’t always agree with my body and give me the nutrition value that I need, I definitely eat those things in moderation.

I find the key to balancing my diet is to start my day with a warm glass of lemon water and then add an abundance of greens through out my day.  What do lemons & greens have in common?  They are both alkaline foods that are beneficial for your diet. What the heck does that mean?

Everything that you put into your mouth has a ph score based on it’s level of acidity or alkalinity.  The more acidic foods that you consume, the higher chance of digestive issues, stomach problems, and overall a potential of many other diseases.

Most of the foods American’s consume are highly acidic, these include…white breads, dairy, soda, wine, beer, processed foods, and meats.

When you eat more alkaline based foods such as coconut oil, avocado, lemon, beans, almonds, and fresh green vegetables, you can balance your diet and improve your health. 

In the morning or afternoon, I like to add my alkaline based foods in a green smoothie or a healthy green snack.  Here’s a recipe for a green smoothie that I like. Pictured above with a side of gluten free toast topped with avocado & sprouts. Nom-nommmm


Alkaline Green Smoothie

Large handful of spinach

Large handful of kale

Apple or pear

1/2 of a cucumber

1/4 inch of peeled ginger

8oz. Coconut water

Blend & Enjoy


Remember when foods are processed or canned they become more acidic and have less nutritional value.  Try to make 70% of your food intake more alkaline by eating fresh whole foods and you will feel an amazing difference in your body.

Please let me know if this helps and pass it along to a friend that may appreciate the info.

Cheers to balancing your meals!


Breaking down Chaturanga, so it won’t break you.


Many people ask me, what else do you do besides yoga to tone your arms… you lift weights? And the answer is no. My guns are definitely what yogi’s call chatarunga arms.

Chaturanga dandasana or four limbed staff pose is both challenging and an excellent strength builder.

However, because it can be so difficult, we tend to want to rush through it and in doing so sometimes perform it improperly. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, over time doing a pose repetitively incorrectly can cause some irritation in the joints and even possibly lead to injury.

In this weight-bearing pose, the main muscle group being challenged are the shoulders. If your chest is tight your shoulders may be collapsing towards the floor causing stress in the shoulder joints. Also, if your upper back is weak your shoulder blades may not be stable enough to help support the shoulder girdle & therefore cause winging in your scapula.

Building up strength in this pose over time will help keep your body safe. Taking your time to feel your muscles in the pose and find an optimal balance of energy will help you cultivate a healthy & sustainable practice.

Here are some tips that may help.

1. From plank, press into the feet shifting your weight forward, bending your elbows in towards your ribs taking your forearms parrallel with the floor.
2. Pull your belly in while keeping your spine long & reaching back through your heels.
3. Softly gazing forward slide your shoulders towards the back of your mat & widen through your collar bones.
4. Make sure your shoulder blades are securely flat on the back engaging the rhomboid & serratus muscles in the upper back.
5. If your new to the practice or feeling fatigued, back off & modify by lowering to the knees.

To check your alignment you can use a wall and either facing the wall allow your tailbone to reach towards the floor and bring your elbows along side the body, practice pulling the shoulders down. Reversely, with your back & elbows against the wall face your palms forward fingertips to the sky, begin to locate the upper back muscles. Drawing your belly in standing up tall slide your shoulder blades to the floor.

Happy Chaturanga!
May you have safe & happy travels in all of your vinyasas.

Much love,



2015 Manifesto


2015 Manifesto

Reflecting back on 2014, I revisited my accomplishments and my experiences throughout the year.  There were many things to be proud of and lessons that I learned… yoga poses, exciting travels, and even a new home.


The achievements we obtain and the physical things that we manifest are simply a trophy for the magic that exists within us.

It is the emotional plan, the INTENTION that cultivates our energy and allows us to seed our goals and focus our energies to act upon what we hope to achieve.

So while I considered new goals for the upcoming year, I placed more importance on my intentions. Understanding that my vibration, how I feel, and what I place my attention on is the ultimate key to creating my deepest desires.

By uncovering the intentions that made the biggest impact in my year, I put together a Manifesto for 2015. I am sharing mine with you in hopes that you will be inspired to print it out and place it somewhere you can read it daily.

2015 Manifesto

You can always make your own by contemplating what experiences made you happiest last year and what emotions you were motivated by.


Much love & blessings for an amazing year,




Coaching Courageous Hearts



You were created from an Infinite Source. You are an expression of infinite abundance. And, the truth is you are boundless with no limitations unless you choose to believe in them.

I absolutely LOVE when a client that I am working with breaks through major barriers of fear.  It is truly a gift to witness them connect to their COURAGEOUS HEART.  Seeing them move into a more abundant life and experience more joy simply by shifting their energy and perspective is amazing.

Today, I am feeling so incredibly GRATEFUL for the life coaching work that I am able to do. What a privilege it is to watch these types of transformations.


Sometimes it is hard to see the possibility of living free of the burdens that weigh you down; however, the moment you BELIEVE it is possible, it becomes possible.

I had personally struggled with lackluster feelings, self doubts, and questioning my life.  Many times feeling angry or depressed and not knowing how to change it.  Through years of personal growth study and Accessing Alignment Life Coaching, I learned to use tools that helped me feel ALIVE again.

There are many tools that can help you feel more love in your life, more freedom and over all more happiness.

If you or someone you know is feeling stuck and trying to break through obstacles in life, I’d love to help!

Contact me to learn more about life coaching sessions.

Squeeze the Truth out of Fear!

fear of consequence

I love this quote! Don’t let fear squeeze the Life out of you. In order for us to reach the richest part of our lives we must be willing to face UNCERTAINTY.

Yikes that sounds scary! It’s no secret that the human race seeks security, but what happens when our need for security overrides our drive towards a richer life? How do you know when playing it safe is holding you back from living to your fullest and achieving your deepest desires?

Taking time to connect with my heart through meditation and yoga helps me stay true to my deepest desires. 

Through meditation & yoga, I get quiet with myself and find the clarity that I am seeking. Often I am able to confront feelings of uncertainty, doubts, and uncover hidden FEAR.

Yup, our deepest fears generally like to hide behind the illusive uncertainties in our lives.

But the good news is….when you connect with the silence within, you are connecting with your inner power, your Truth which reveals the fear for what it truly is……False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

In other words, the fear is simply a thought that we have chosen to believe.  Which means you have a CHOICE!

You can decide what you want to believe. You can decide what you want to give power to and align your thoughts with the realities that you want to live and experience.

In the past, when I have allowed fear to stop me from what I truly want, I’ve noticed myself become bored, depressed, and unfulfilled.

However, when I get quiet and can be present in my body, I intrinsically know I AM SAFE and I can trust in myself.  I then connect with the feeling that I want to experience….courage, peace, love, ect. and keep my thoughts focused on these intentions.

Practicing this type of awareness can be a very powerful tool for healing the mind and body.  Buddhist nun and inspirational writer, Pema Chodron says,“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth”, she further explains, “Each time you stay present with fear and uncertainty, you’re letting go of a habitual way of finding security and comfort.”

WOW….now that’s powerful!

So, next time you feel fear, uncertainty or doubt…..don’t worry.  Take a breath and know it’s simply moving you closer to your TRUTH and what you really desire. Then, get quiet and meditate. Here’s to choosing a rich life!

Much love,




Balancing it out with Yin…


One thing I know for sure….I love me some Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga! It can be an amazing workout and a great practice for the mind. Not to mention, a terrific opportunity to deepen your self awareness. As a compliment to these dynamic practices, I have recently included more YIN YOGA to balance my over stimulated mind and nervous system. In our busy society and especially during the holiday season, finding balance and calm in your body and mind can be challenging. By adding a more calming practice such as Yin Yoga it can release stress and tension and provide overall increased health.

Yin Yoga is based on the Taoist concept of YIN and YANG, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yin being the unchanging, stable energy and yang the changing, mobile energy.

In the body, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, joint capsules, tendons and fascia that can be more compressed and dense. Commonly, a Yin Yoga practice includes longer held passive floor poses. These poses may be held anywhere from one to five minutes or longer. Often a Yin sequence will specifically target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Of course, it is extremely important while approaching this practice not to attempt to force your full range of stretch. Instead of taking it to your ‘edge’ or stretch discomfort find a happy medium where you can find greater relaxation and ease in the body. One of the most significant benefits happens simply by learning to release patterns of muscular tension so that as the body relaxes, then a subtler, deeper relaxation can occur.

Yin yoga is known as a quite meditative practice, nonetheless there are many benefits to this type of yoga including calming the mind, regulating energetic flow of energy in the body, increased mobility, decrease stress, and increase stamina. Yin helps balance our nervous system and can increase our overall cognitive process. Through this meditative style I’ve found that it can open the door to a healthy forum for communicating with your body. It can also allow yourself to become more aware of unconscious patterns of thought so that you may free yourself from any self defeating tendencies.

During this practice, suppressed feelings may have an opportunity of revealing themselves. It is encouraged that you allow them to arise without identifying to them, however be an observer of anything that comes through. Noticing the emotions without getting caught up into the stories can be extremely powerful. By observing the sensations with an open perception can provide an opportunity for release and possibly a new pattern of acceptance and non- attachment. Clearing your system of these emotions can remove blockages that cause dis-ease in your body.

Of course there is no one form of yoga that is suitable for everyone. Find what works for you. In experiencing the benefits of this combo in my practice, I am now teaching a new class that provides both the vigorous joys of Vinyasa yoga along with a gentle closing with Yin poses. If you haven’t already, come check it out Monday or Wednesday nights at 7pm.  Hope to see you there.

Peace & Love!


Cracking it open…..

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson


I am allowing the Light to shine. Stepping outside of my box to live the Life that I dream. I’m on a quest to find more ways to enjoy life, live better and feel ALIVE!!!!  Through sharing my inspired experiences I hope that you will also be inspired.

I believe, part of our dharma or purpose is to share the experiences that lift us up so that others may also be blessed, comforted, or encouraged.  While many of the posts here will be yoga related, my intent is to share with you things that overall inspire me to live healthier, feel amazing, flow through life with ease, laugh more, and definitely fall deeper in love with Life itself.

I hope you enjoy the feed, take whatever speaks to you, leave whatever may not, and please share with a loved one when you feel inspired.

Much love,