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Are you running your life with ease?

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Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, unsure of what to do next?

I hear you. I’ve been there too and I can help.

If you’re open minded, ready to make a shift but feeling stuck and uncertain where to turn,
book a free coaching call with me and turn burn out into thriving.

I combine your mind body awareness with the powerful Truths of the Law of Attraction
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I feel that Tyona’s class gave me a second chance at life. As an active person, implementing physical healing created the pathway toward the door of internal therapy. Ty’s classes not only catapulted my practice far beyond anything I had ever imagined possible, but she also taught me to SLOW DOWN. Her teachings have brought an authentic smile back into my life, and a greater sense of peace and compassion toward myself and others.

The list is long, but to name a few…Tyona offers a multi-dimensional yoga experience.  Spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical challenges are present in every class but most uniquely exceptional is her genuine spirit.  With warmth, strength, and understanding she welcomes You into a safe environment for a mindful practice.  Her versatility can benefit yogi’s of all levels both on and off the mat.

Sean P

What I like most about working with Ty is the comfort level I experience each time we have a session. I always feel at ease, which allows me to be honest and forthcoming about the issues I want to work on. For me this is such a key factor in order to facilitate the process of healing, physical or otherwise. I love how well Ty is able to address my individual needs. Plus she's fun!!  I would highly recommend Ty! Whether you want to amp up your Yoga practice, are nursing an injury, need spiritual guidance, struggle with anxiety, etc. you will be in good hands. Ty's ability to focus on individual needs so well is one important reason, and I am also impressed by her understanding of physiology. She is such a kind and caring soul and such a pleasure to work with.

Ellie H

Ty helped me through a lot of emotional and stressful times as a life coach over several months. And as someone who really wants to get as much out of my life and purpose as possible, I appreciate the effort she put into our sessions.  I have internalized a lot of the exercises we went through whether it was visualizing or making sure I’m open to all the possibilities. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her again to get through uncertain times or to bolster up appreciation for the simple things that make life brighter!

Andrew S

Ty has offered great insight into my individual practice. Before each session, she takes time to listen and talk about my specific goals and where I am physically and emotionally. Meeting with her on a regular basis has been an investment in my personal growth and health.

Terrie F

Whether teaching a full class, or a private; Tyona always makes everyone feel special whatever your ability on any given day may be. Her knowledge of yoga and the human body and mind is outstanding, guaranteeing that you always have a great experience on your yoga mat taking it with you in your day and life

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